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The Bounty Hunter is a doomlike FPS, an entry for the IndieVault Spaghetti Western game jam, inspired by Sergio Leone italian western films. The player is a bounty hunter that find the cove of two dangerous bandits; here he has to kill them with all members of their gang to get the reward of the bounty. Graphics made in collaboration with Stavros.

How To Play

arrows, dpad, left thumbstick - move
A/D, right thumbstick - rotate
Space, RT - arm the gun
R, A - reload
Ctrl, RB - shoot


bounty_hunter.zip 1 MB
bounty_hunter_linux.zip 309 kB

Install instructions


unzip all files and execute Bounty_Hunter.exe

- OpenGL libraries (freeglut) must be installed to play the Linux version.
On Ubuntu 32 bit use the command:

apt-get install freeglut3-dev

On Ubuntu 64 bit use the command:

apt-get install freeglut3-dev:i386

- unzip all files and execute Bounty_Hunter (make sure file Bounty_Hunter has execution permission)

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